Monday, July 4, 2011

What are the trademarks of a good financial adviser?

In the Personal Money June 2011 (Issue #118), there is a letter in the Question of the Month written by me. The topic of the month is “What are the trademarks of a good financial adviser?”

Here is the letter that I submit and be published in the issue:

“A good financial adviser is not only providing financial advice to customers, but sharing the knowledge and awareness of financial planning with the customers. To be successful in providing financial advice, advisers need to ensure the customers having same thought and relevant knowledge to agree and be confident on what the advisers recommend. Only when both parties are aligned, the financial plan can be executed smoothly. Besides, a good financial adviser should understand and recommend based on the customers' needs and situation, but not keep promoting the same products to every customer, which gives better commission to the advisers. Review periodically on the customers' portfolio is needed to align the portfolio with the bearable risk level.”

The said issue of the Personal Money also has an article about good financial advisers. I will share the article with you in next post. Please stay tuned!