Saturday, February 28, 2009

Public Bank announce 4Q Report of FY2009

Public Bank, PBBANK (Stock Quote 1295) has announced the 4th quarter financial report for financial year 2008. These are the few key points of the report:

· The Group’s pre-tax profit for the financial year ended 31 December 2008 of RM3,379.2 million was RM375.6 million or 12.5% higher than the previous corresponding period of RM3,003.6 million.
· Net profit attributable to equity holders improved by 21.5% to RM2,581.2million.
· Non-Performing loan (NPL) improved to 0.9% from 1.2% a year ago.
· Public Bank recorded a pre-tax profit of RM2,897.7 million for the financial year ended 31 December 2008 and was marginally higher than the pre-tax profit of RM2.850.8 million achieved in the previous year.
· Pre-tax profit contribution from the Group’s overseas operations decreased by RM130.4 million or 28.9% from the previous year to RM321.0 million.
· For the 4th quarter ended 31 December 2008, the Group registered a pre-tax profit of RM812.9 million, a decrease of RM8.3 million or 1.0% as compared to the previous corresponding quarter.
· Earnings attributable to equity holders grew by 12.8% or RM74.0 million in the current year.
· The EPS has increased to 19.5 cent in the 4th quarter compared to 17.3 cent in the previous corresponding period. The EPS for the financial year ended 31 December 2008 is 76.9 cent.
· Total assets is RM196,163 million and total liabilities is RM185,934 million.