Monday, June 20, 2011 – 1 Pengguna Portal, a smart consumer portal

Recently, our government has launched a portal ( , which is used to compare all the goods price of different stores. In this high inflation era, this is a good move of government by creating this online portal for rakyat to compare the consumer product price, so that we can choose the right store to buy at cheapest price.

I have surfed the portal, which idea is really good. It allows us to know all the price of the goods sold in different stores, including convenient store, mini market, super market and hypermarket. With all these information online, we can obtain these by just clicking on the mouse, without going to each of the stores to compare the price. For example, if you are going to hold a small gathering, and need to buy some soft drinks. You can always go to this website to check which store selling the soft drinks at the cheapest price. By having this, you can go to the particular store directly to buy the soft drinks without spending petrol for going to few stores to compare price.

However, there are a lot of improvements need to be done in this website. Ignoring the security loophole of the website, there are still a lot of improvements need to be done in terms of features and functions. The main problem of this website is, the query procedure is too complicated, where we need to click for many selections to compare the prices. There are limited varieties of goods and stores as well. To make this website to be more successful, the government should include all the hypermarkets, such as Tesco and Giant. We wish that the government can improve in these so that more people can benefit from the website, and we can save from the consumer products.

We, as the consumers, should make use of this website to reduce our expenditure by being a smart consumer. No doubt, this is a good news for the consumers to fight with the rising cost of living.