Wednesday, March 2, 2011

EPF announces distribution of 5.80% for YE2010

In year 2010, the local stock market has a bull run and the KLCI is approaching to break the historical peak level at the end of year 2010. The KLCI closed at 1518.91 points on the last day of year 2010. In Jan 2011, the KLCI has broken the historical peak level. As a result, EPF announces that they have earned from the bullish market in year 2011, and the distribution of year 2010 is 0.15% higher than the previous year, from 5.65% increase to 5.80%.

Is this distribution rate satisfied the people? Comparing to the low Fixed Deposit interest rate of 3% now, this 5.80% distribution is considered good. Moreover, the BLR now is not as high as past. However, it is a fact that our EPF is no longer enough for our retirement in future, whereby most of the people spend 70% of their EPF within 3 years after they retire. So, there is a need for us to maximize our EPF in order to have more retirement fund in future.

Time is an important factor in investment. A long term investment with the compound effect will bring a significant return to us. Most of us still have 20-30 years to be retired, so we should utilize this period of time to maximize our EPF fund. It a wise choice to consider investing our EPF into unit trust funds to maximize our EPF fund, so that we will have more fund for your retirement life.

The table below shows the return in year 2010 of all the EPF approved unit trust funds from Public Mutual:

I will share my opinion on why we should withdraw EPF to invest in unit trust funds soon…