Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Opportunity is here, did you grab it?

Recently all the people talk about financial crisis, market is going down. When people meet up, no longer ask each other how much you have earned from investment, but asking each other how much you have lost in investment. Anyway, there is always opportunity during the crisis, but did you grab it?

Just share with you a story that I heard last time. There is a guy who is very holy and always prays to the god. One day, it is flood around his house. He thought this is the time for him to see the fruits of his continuous praying to the god. He believes the god will sure rescue him from the flood. He is waiting for the rescue on the roof top of his house.

There is a log flooding on the water coming near to him, other people ask him faster grab the log and move to safer place, but he refuses to. He says the god will sure come and rescue him. After sometime, there is a rescue boat come to get him. The guy says the boat is too crowded, he wants to wait for the god to rescue him. Now the water level is getting higher and higher, the guy is so dangerous. At this time, there is a helicopter coming near the guy and ask the guy to climb up the ladder into the helicopter. The guy does not want to climb the ladder, so he says the god will sure come to rescue him. Soon, the water level is higher than him and he really goes to see the god, he is died.

When he sees the god, he asks the god why the god is bad as did not rescue him although he always prays. The god answers that he already tried to save him for three times but the guy did not grab the opportunity. The god sent him a log, but the guy did not grab it. The god also sent him a boat, but the guy did not go into the boat. The god also sent him a helicopter, but the guy still did not go into the helicopter.

So, although the god has given the guy three opportunities, the guy did not appreciate the opportunities and also did not grab the opportunities. In real life, we should appreciate and grab all the opportunities around us. Do not always just wait for the opportunities. If you did not really think about the opportunity, you will not notice even the real opportunity is just beside you. During this financial crisis, we should analyze and think about it, grab the opportunity that in front of us.

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