Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Time passes very fast, year 2008 is already end and year 2009 starts. Year 2008 is not a very good year for investors and businessmen, as the world economy is facing crisis and retrenchment is heard everywhere. Anyway, crisis will end one day. Opportunity is still around during crisis. As a new year comes, we should think properly about the investment opportunity in the crisis time, and also plan properly for our finance.

In a new year, we should have a new goal and plan. In finance, we also should review our financial goals and financial plan. Set some more appropriate goals and have a better financial plan. If you still have a goal and plan yet, you should think about it now. Review your financial status now, set a financial goal, and then drafts a financial plan. Read these posts again for the process:

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Personal Financial Planning is not something done by rich people only. It is for anyone who wishes to become rich. If you are failed to plan, you plan to fail!