Friday, July 31, 2009

Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia) is Launched!

Our Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib announces that there will be another funds being launched and managed by PNB (Permodalan Nasional Berhad) during his 100th day as Prime Minister. The fund is called Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia (AS 1Malaysia). Today, the fund has been launched. Total of 10 billion unit with RM1.00 each will be sold through all the agents bank on 5 August.

There is a quota of 50% allocated for Bumiputera, 30% for Chinese, 15% for Indians, and 5% for others during the first 30 days. There is no quota after the period. The agents bank that distribute the fund are CIMB Bank, Maybank, and RHB Bank. Besides, the fund is also distributed by Pos Office and all the ASNB offices.

There is still no any official information published in ASNB website yet, but it has been announced that, the fund is fixed at RM1.00, same as ASM or ASW2020. Thus, it is expected that the return of this fund should be similar with the ASM and ASW2020. More information will be added here when there is official information published.


ASNB has announced the prospectus of AS 1Malaysia. The unit price of AS 1 Malaysia is fixed at RM1.00. According to the Guideline of Unit Trust, this fund is not a capital protected fund. However, as the price is fixed at RM1.00, in fact the fund is capital guaranteed.

The prospectus of AS 1Malaysia can be downloaded here,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ASM (Amanah Saham Malaysia) Available Again!

As promised earlier, ASM which are not sold is opened to all the races. There are 1.6 billion unit of ASM will be opened for all the bumi or non-bumi to invest. These units will be available for investment at 21 July 2009. Each individual investor is only eligible for 20,000 units.

Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib announces earlier that there will be another fund called Amanah Saham 1 Malaysia launched and also managed by PNB, so people expect this new fund is similar to ASM, ASB or ASW2020.

However, we still do not have detailed information of the new AS1M, it is no hurt if people invest in ASM first while waiting for the more detailed information of AS1M.

More information on ASM, refer to earlier article:

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The 10 Richest Malaysian 2009

According to the Forbes’special report on 27 May 2009, these are the top 10 richest Malaysians:

1. Robert Kuok
Net Worth: US$ 9 billion
Age: 85
Main Business: Wilmar International, PPB

2. Ananda Krishnan
Net Worth: US$ 7 billion
Age: 71
Main Business: Maxis, Astro and India Aircel

3. Lee Shin Cheng
Net Worth: US$ 3.2 billion
Age: 70
Main Business: IOI Group

4. Lee Kim Hua & Family
Net Worth: US$ 2.5 billion
Age: 80
Main Business: Genting Group, Resorts World

5. Teh Hong Piow
Net Worth: US$ 2.4 billion
Age: 79
Main Business: Public Bank

6. Quek Leng Chan
Net Worth: US$ 2.3 billion
Age: 68
Main Business: Hong Leong Group

7. Yeoh Tiong Lay & Family
Net Worth: US$ 1.8 billion
Age: 79
Main Business: YTL Corporation

8. Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary
Net Worth: US$ 1.1 billion
Age: 57
Main Business: MMC Corporate, Malakoff

9. Tiong Hiew King
Net Worth: US$ 1.0 billion
Age: 74
Main Business: Sin Chew

10. Vincent Tan
Net Worth: US$ 0.75 billion
Age: 57
Main Business: Berjaya Group

Besides from the top 10, the others richest Malaysians are:

11. Azman Hashim – US$ 470 million
Chairman of Amcorp and Malaysian Investment Banking Association

12. William H.J. Cheng – US$ 390 million
Lion Group

13. G. Gnanalingam – US$ 260 million

14. Lim Kok Thay - US$ 225 million
Genting Group

15. Anthony Fernandes - US$ 220 million

16. Mokhzani Mahathir - US$ 215 million

17. Lee Oi Hian - US$ 210 million
Kuala Lumpur Kepong, Batu Kawan

18. Chan Fong Ann - US$ 209 million
IOI Group Board Member

19. Kamarudin Meranun - US$ 205 million

20. Chong Chook Yew - US$ 200 million

21. Chen Lip Keong - US$ 195 million

22. Lee Swee Eng - US$ 190 million

23. Jeffrey Cheah - US$ 185 million
Sunway Group

24. Lim Wee Chai - US$ 180 million
Top Glove

25. Ahmayuddin bin Ahmad - US$ 175 million

26. Lee Hau Hian - US$ 174 million
Kuala Lumpur Kepong, Batu Kawan

27. Lau Cho Kun - US$ 165 million

28. Vinod Sekhar - US$ 150 million

29. Liew Kee Sin - US$ 140 million
SP Setia

30. Tiah Thee Kian - US$ 135 million
TA Group

31. Rozali Ismail - US$ 130 million
Puncak Niaga

32. Lin Yun Ling - US$ 115 million

33. Yaw Teck Seng - US$ 113 million
Samling Group

34. Goh Peng Ooi - US$ 112 million
Silverlake Axis

35. Eleena Azlan Shah - US$ 110 million

36. David Law Tien Seng - US$ 105 million

37. Syed Mohd Yusof Tun Syed Nasir - US$ 100 million
K&N Kenanga

38. Hamdan Mohamad - US$ 98 million

39. Tan Teong Hean - US$ 95 million
Southern Bank

40. Kua Sian Kooi - US$ 90 million
Kurnia Insurance